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Each journey begins with one step.
HypnoBirthing® - Antenatal ClassesBaby Calm Classes
Baby Calm Classes



We believe that all babies and new parents deserve the calmest start.

 Great News - New for 2011 - First Classes in Scotland

 1)  The BabyCalmTM baby calming parenting course.

A unique 4 week (8 hour) course, designed for new mothers and babies, incorporating baby calming and communication skills, interactive class discussion of many topics that new mums commonly face (such as birth debriefing, baby feeding worries, bonding with your baby, baby colic, baby reflux, constipation and wind in babies, lack of sleep and concerns about the health and wellbeing of their new baby) and baby touch therapy - a light baby massage routine developed by BabyCalmTM. The classes will help you to bond with your new baby, help him or her to be a calm and happy baby, free of colic, and help you to experience a stress free relationship of trust, confidence and calm. Led by experienced BabyCalmers, our classes also provide an invaluable opportunity for you to make new friends with other local mums. If you would like to learn to trust your own maternal instinct rather than follow rules and routines set out by experts such as Gina Ford, Tizzie Hall and Jo Tantum this is the course for you! new parents with many commenting that they wish they had known about us before their baby was born or they had read a stream of baby books all giving different advice! For our BabyCalmers this is perhaps the most rewarding class to teach as the results are so astoundingly quick, parents literally walk out with a different calm baby and a smile on their face!

This workshop can also be taught privately in your own home as we understand how difficult it can be to get out with a new baby - we are very used to seeing new mums in their pajamas!

 This workshop is most suited to newborn babies from birth to 20 weeks of age


2) The BabyCalmTM antenatal workshop

This workshop is designed to introduce new parents to reasons that babies are commonly unsettled, including an explanation of baby colic and common reasons babies cry, helping them to understand their baby before they are even born! You will learn how to be a confident mum or dad able to welcome your baby into a world where they are calmer and more settled and be armed with many techniques to make your baby's transition from womb to world as smooth and comfortable as possible, avoid colic and aid sleep for the whole family. You will learn how to calm a crying baby and soothe colic as well as the secrets of how to get more sleep at night and how to get your baby to nap easily during the day. Dads are actively encouraged to attend this workshop, we focus heavily on the importance of fathers and roles that dads may play to support the mother and bond with their baby.

"Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the BabyCalm workshop, we feel so much more prepared now. We even managed to calm my niece's crying when she visited on Sunday, my family couldn't believe it - they wanted to know where we had learnt all of the techniques! we can't wait for our baby to arrive now, we feel sure she will be a happy and calm baby!" - Becky and James (38wks pregnant).

This workshop is most suited to couples between 20weeks and 38weeks of pregnancy.

 *If you book a HypnoBirthing Course there is 50% discount on the one to one Baby Calm Antenatal Class*

 3) The BabyCalmTM colic and crying workshop

BabyCalmTM is a unique concept, presented through classes and literature, that aims to empower new parents to raise their baby with confidence. BabyCalmTM helps new parents understand how to calm their baby's crying, avoid colic and aid restful sleep whilst also trusting in their ability to be their own expert; we turn crying babies and stressed parents into calmer babies and happier parents!

This workshop is intended as an emergency "one off" class to help new parents whose babies are suffering from prolonged crying and/or baby colic and fretful sleep. Your teacher will firstly help you to understand why your baby is so unsettled and then demonstrate many techniques and tools to help your baby settle, calm colic and sleep better! BabyCalmTM are experts at helping parents.  Private Classes only, contact to arrange your class.



1. How much does a BabyCalmTM class cost?

- The complete 8 hour BabyCalmTM baby calming class course is only £65 when taken in a group setting- The 3 hour colic and crying baby calming workshop is only £30 when taken in a group setting

- Taught privately 8 hour BabyCalm class is £180, plus 50p per mile or if you have a group of 4 friends the cost is £65, plus 50p per mile

- The 3 hour antenatal preparation baby calming workshop is only £30 when taken in a group setting

*- Taught privately 3 hour class is £75, plus 50p per mile travelling expenses *

- When booked with your hypnoBirthing Class £37.50. plus travelling expenses

-The 3 hour babywearing workshop is only £30 when taken in a group setting - coming soon

-The 3 hour baby led weaning workshop is only £30 when taken in a group setting - coming soon

Course fees include comprehensive course notes. The 8 hour course also includes a free bottle of organic baby massage oil and a BabyCalmTM calming CD. Individual teachers will accept different payment methods usually by either cash, cheque or Pay Pal.

 2. Where are BabyCalmTM courses held?

BabyCalmTM the Antenatal workshops are held at the Consulting Rooms in Glasgow City Centre, the Baby Calm Parenting classes are held the Consulting Rooms and Bearsden. I am also happpy to teach baby classes in your own home or preferred choice of venue. We are frequently asked to teach NCT antenatal groups; perhaps you could set up a group with your new mum friends?

3. How do I book a course?

 4. Can I bring older children to a BabyCalmTM course or workshop?

No. As much as we adore all children, BabyCalmTM aims to provide a calm and peaceful environment and this is not always possible with toddlers and older children present as I'm sure you will understand!

5. I really do not like the idea of baby training methods that involve routines and lots of crying, is BabyCalmTM the course for me?

Rest assured we dislike these methods too! We promise to never teach you to let your baby "cry it out" or control their crying in any way. Our ethos is completely different to most other baby experts such as Gina Ford, Tizzie Hall and Jo Tantum, we do not set routines and we do not position ourselves as the expert - instead we raise confidence in parents to trust their own instincts and be their own guru!

6. Is it possible to hold a private BabyCalmTM Course or workshop?

Yes, This option will however include an extra charge; but many of our parents believe this option is extremely worthwhile particularly in the early days if they are struggling with a crying baby with colic and sleep deprivation! Please us more information.

7. How do I know it will work?

All BabyCalmTM methods are based on sound scientific evidence and psychological research and tested on over 1000 babies.

8. Do you offer refunds if I miss a class?

No. As we are unable to offer your missed class to anyone else; although we will be pleased to offer you the chance to attend the session you have missed on a subsequent group course for free of charge

Please Call Madaline - 0141 942 1168 or email madaline@babycalm.co.uk, I will be happy answer any questions you may have or book your class for you.

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