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HypnoBirthing Testimonials


Simon and Sarah - Baby Frankie


Madaline, we appreciate all the time you have spent with us.  We really have enjoyed the hypnobirthing and baby calm classes so much.  I don't think my pregnancy would have been as any where near as enjoyable if we hadn't attended.  Baby Frankie

Sara and Paul -

My partner and I worked with Madaline in the latter stages of my pregnancy at the end of 2011. In January 2012 our first child was born, Lyla, who is a very happy and bouncy little girl! I went through labour with only the aid of a TENS machine and some gas and air at the end.....all thanks to Hypnobirthing. Not only was Hypnobirthing a vital tool during my labour but it was also hugely valuable in eradicating my fear of childbirth and in preparing me for the experience. The midwife present at the birth said I was so calm it was as if I wasn't in labour. She had not yet had any children of her own but said after witnessing my experience of childbirth she would be sure to try it herself, if she ever did. I would be lying if I said I didn't experience pain but Hypnobirthing provided me with the focus to get through the experience calmly and rationally

Julie and Fraser  - Baby Matthew       
Julie - Hi Madaline, Fraser and I are delighted to let you know that we have a beautiful baby boy Matthew born on Monday morning 18th July weighing 7lb 11oz.I can honestly say that I believe the HypnoBirthing classes helped us both enormously and that the things we learned in them allowed us to have the best possible birth. Just so you know the midwifes told me I was an advert for hypnobirthing(!) so thank you for your help, support and guidance.
 Susan and Alasdair - Baby Cameron 

Madaline, thank you so much for the wonderful Hypnobirthing course.

We heard about Hypnobirthing just before the birth of our daughter so when we were expecting our second baby we decided to give it a go. As a mum, my reason for wanting a hypnobirth was that when I was in labour with my daughter, I managed with tens and gas & air until about 3 hours before she was born when I had a painkilling injection. I was looking for something that would help me carry on when I reached that stage again when I felt it was getting too much for me.

The course was a wonderful, teaching us techniques that we could use together, how to communicate our wishes for the birth and very importantly, that giving birth didn't have to be a medical event even though we knew we would be having a consultant-led hospital birth due to previous history.

As it turned out, the birth we had prepared for didn't quite go to plan. Thank goodness for the course and in particular the work around how calm and easy a birth can be. As our wonderful baby boy arrived, I was able to tell myself that I could trust that my body and my baby knew exactly what to do. After 90 mins of surges, I called the Mat Unit and was advised to take 2 paracetamol and have a bath. Alasdair arrived home from work and helped me with everything we learned and a bit more!!! 4 hours after the first surge, at 12:06, my waters broke and Alasdair helped me out the bath. After some not too gentle persuading from me, he finally believed me that it was too late for a trip to the hospital as nudger, (our nickname for baby), was on his way! ...and so 90 seconds and 2 further surges later at 12:07, our little nudger, now Cameron, arrived safely, delivered by daddy. Although he was so relaxed and calm, (unlike his rather shocked mummy & daddy!), we suspect he may have a natural propensity for high adrenaline sports after his spectacular arrival!!!

Thank you Madaline – if it hadn't been for the course, I don't think we would have been quite so prepared for the natural unplanned home birth we experienced and will cherish the memory of always.

Lea-Anne and Gregor -Baby William -

From Dad - Gregor - I went in hypno-birthing classes with a large degree of scepticism, however, Lea-Anne was keen so I agreed to give it a go. I was pleased that I did as from the first class I learned far more than I imagined. The classes combined relaxation techniques with a greater understanding of the changes to the body in preparation for child birth. From an engineers perspective I found this satisfying as it provides an all round understanding of the child birth process and why relaxation is so important. Lea-Anne went on to give birth to a wonderful baby boy making use of the techniques learned and I was far more help with the knowledge and understanding I had gained!


Paul and Lindsay - Baby Islay

Madaline, Paul and I would like to thank you for all the help you gave us in achieving the birth that we both wanted.


Alison and Grahan - Baby Ross 

Here is our big gorgeous baby boy called Ross and the birth was a wonderful experience thanks to me being in control due to HypnoBirthing course that Madaline taught us.

 Anne and Jonathan

We used hypnobirthing for the birth of our first child after friends told us about their wonderful experience after being taught by Madaline. It was the first positive thing we’d heard about labour and birth. Madaline taught us the skills we would need and explained how birth could be a calm, easy, happy experience once fear is eliminated. Our daughter was born without me using any drugs, and the midwife wrote on my labour notes, ‘using hypnobirthing techniques to excellent effect.’
I believe that the daily practice of these techniques influenced my whole pregnancy in a positive way. I was relaxed and happy which meant I stayed healthy and full of energy. And because your birth partner has such an active role in hypnobirthing, my husband felt very included in my pregnancy and birthing.
Our daughter is a calm and happy baby. I don’t think this is luck: I think it’s due to her drug free birth and my pre and post natal practice of deep relaxation techniques. We cannot recommend hypnobirthing enough and Madaline is just he person to guide you through it.

 Nicola and Warren - Baby Luca

We used HypnoBirthing during the birth of our second child. Our hypnotherapist, Madaline Alexander, was amazingly knowledgeable, kind, calm and supportive. She was able to explain all aspects of the hypnosis and relaxation techniques which she taught us and she gave us the confidence to use them for ourselves in preparation for, and during, the birth.

I cannot recommend HypnoBirthing highly enough. It allowed us to experience an amazing birth without fear or panic and really enjoy our new baby's arrival into world.

Sarah and Matthew - Baby Sebastian

My surges at 5.30pm on Wednesday evening, and was examined on Thursday morning and was 1cm dilated.  Friday afternoon and evening were difficult with surges, and was AMAZED (I text you...) when we were examined at 1.25am Saturday morning to find I was 7cm dilated!!!

Sebastian was born at 9.33am on Saturday morning but I got to 9cm with the HypnoBirthing; aromatherapy; bathing and gas and air.  They then broke my waters (which we chose); and I opted for some diamorphine to help with the delivery....

We can't say enough to people about how valuable the HypnoBirthing was - the nursing/midwifery teams were interested to hear of our experience, and we are so happy it had such a positive result!!!  Sebastian also seems to have benefitted from the whole experience, as he is extremely relaxed : )

Thank you for the HypnoBirthing experience, we loved it so much, and are so happy with the decisions we made throughout the process - it was truly wonderful!
Sarah, Mathew, Bam Bam and baby Sebastian. x
Update From Sarah and Matthew -
Madaline, I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful HypnoBirth last night, we now have a beautiful calm baby girl.  Matthew and I often think about you and the life skills we learnt from you and the HypnoBirthing course you taught us.  Thanks again!



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