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Each journey begins with one step.
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Do you need someone to take the time to really listen to you, without judging you and then help you to move forward to a more fulfulled happier life?  If yes, then counselling could be what you need.

There are many personal problems, difficulties, traumas or goals that you maybe struggling to overcome or achieve.  These may be leading to you feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or unable to cope with life.  Sometimes talking to friends and family does not help.  There may not be a person in your life with whom you feel safe enough to confide in and trust with your intimate concerns or worries.  You may not understand why you are feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or depressed.  This might be the time when you consider coming to me now for counselling to get help.
Beginnings Scotland's Counselling service offers a safe environment where you can discuss, explore and work through issues and feelings that are negatively affecting your life.  Talking things through, being heard, engaging in this process of exploration with a trained professional will help you to get a greater level of self awareness. I can then work toward helping you to move on from painful experiences and difficulties and lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. This process may also help you to deal with issues that may arise in your life in the future.
Telephone, Skype or Facetime Counselling
If you cannot get to my office or if you would prefer to talk on the telephone or via Skype or Facetime, I offer the same service over the telephone or on Skype or Facetime as you would get face to face, this last for 45 – 50 minutes. This service must be booked and paid for in advance. You call from your telephone, my telephone number is standard BT line.   
Do I need counselling? (Why might you use a counsellor?)
Taking the step to talk to a counsellor can feel daunting and you may wonder whether you need counselling, or how it can help you.
  • Perhaps you are experiencing relationship difficulties?
  • Are you struggling to come to terms with changes in your life, loss of your job, diagnosis with a serious illness or condition, break up of a relationship?
  • Grieving over the loss of a loved one?
  • Struggling coming to terms with the diagnosis of a serious illness or condition for yourself of a loved one?
  • Struggling with the recovery of Cancer or any serious illness?
  • Were you emotionally, sexually or physically abused during your childhood or more recent past and are now struggling with the after effects?
  • Are sexual problems causing you concern or worry?
  • Feeling confused about your sexuality and feel that you need to explore this with someone in confidence, without judgement?
  • Are you having unmanageable feelings (anger, sadness, emptiness) which are difficult to understand?
  • Do you suffer from low self esteem, lack confidence, have feelings of worthlessness, or feel that you are not good enough?
  • Do you use alcohol or drugs in a detrimental way or physically harm yourself to cope with painful life situations and feelings?
  • Are you feeling stressed at work, socially and/or in the family?
  • Is life becoming unbearable because of depression, stress, anxiety or panic attacks?
  • These are just some examples of the kind of things that bring people to counselling, however, as we are all unique individuals, no "list" of reasons why people seek help will ever be fully comprehensive and your own problem may not have been described.  You may have a myriad of difficulties; feel overwhelmed and unclear about where your emotional pain and current feelings stem from...
Whatever is troubling you, if you feel the need to talk to someone who will listen, without judgement, counselling will help you.
What happens when I go for counselling? 
Counselling sessions last around 50 minutes and the first session will be taking your details and you will have the opportunity to talk about what you would like to get from the counselling, if you are unsure of anything you will be able to ask questions. This is always at your pace.
How many sessions will I need? 
This is difficult to say as it really depends on you and where you are at. 
How Much will it cost? 
£35 per session.
Is Counselling Confidential? 
We abide by the BACP code of ethics, counselling is confidential the only reason we disclose any information is if we thought yours or another person’s life was in danger or a law was going to be broken. We would always aim to discuss this with you before making any disclosure.
How do I know I have a Properly qualified counsellor? 
The NHS recognises Counsellors who are members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. The BACP only allows counsellors to join who have attended accredited training or training that has met their strict guidelines and who attend ongoing supervision and abide by their code of ethics. My training was fully accredited and I am listed on the BACP directory of therapists.
 A confidential relationship with a professional counsellor can help you.
Each journey starts with the first step
Call  Madaline on 0141 942 1168 or email  Madaline@beginnings-scotland.co.uk now, I will be happy to help you to take those steps!


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